Lou Asked Metallica: 'Ready To End Your Career'?

Curious project gets curious trailer   14-Oct-11

Lou Asked Metallica: 'Ready To End Your Career'?

Metallica and Lou Reed have released a trailer for their forthcoming album, Lulu. It looks a little bit similar to the EPK they released recently, but we'll let them off.

In other news concerning the unlikely lads, Lou Reed has admitted that he asked Metallica whether they were ready to end their career when they started to project together.

According to Reed, Hetfield replied by saying:

"Every album!"

James Hetfield has confronted claims that the album might not exactly suit the tastes of Metallica fans with the following statement:


 “There will be fans that it will be difficult for them to understand. But we can’t stop being Metallica – we can’t stop exploring what we wanna do as an artist. We don’t like limiting ourselves.

“But we’re not doing it just to mess with the fans; that’s for sure. If they don’t like it, wait until the next record where we’re fully focused on Metallica, which we’re actually writing right now.”


You can watch the new trailer for Lulu below:

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