VIDEO: Juliette Valduriez Covers Stooges

Sensational Youtube shredder covers Gimme Danger   13-Oct-11

We always try to cover up-and-coming guitarists on Amped, and Juliette Valduriez is no exception.

The 24-year-old Paris resident has been getting press in Gibon's blog this week for her cover of Ozzy's 'Bark At The Moon'.

Here's a more recent clip of Juliette's nonchalant shredding, which really kicks in at around 1:15.

And no... We're not just featuring her because she's a girl, she's just really, really, really good! She also has the most ridiculous collection of Gibsons of any online shredder, and for that, we are jealous.

Rich Beech



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