Think You Know A Modelled Strat From The Real Thing?

Then maybe you should take the Line 6 Challenge   11-Oct-11

Us guitarists are a proud bunch, and I'm guessing that if your attention was drawn to this article, then you probably think you have a fairly good knowledge of how classic guitars should sound.

Debate will forever rage upon the age old question: "what's better - vintage or modelling?"

As a supposedly objective writer, it's my job to be smack-bang in the middle of that debate, but I must admit, I started off with my boots firmly planted in the vintage camp, and now I find myself doing the splits between both.

Now Andertons have confused my poor brain with a simple blind A/B test (between the Variax and vintage guitar) in video format. I can proudly say that I got most of the questions right, but for me, the test illustrates how authentically Line 6 are simulating vintage guitar sounds (now cringing at the inevitable prospect of vintage purists sending their hate vibes at me from all over the world). 

So check out the video, which is on Rob Chapman's Youtube channel, but can also be watched in the embed above.

How well did you fare?

Rich Beech



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