Pete Townshend Unveils Unheard Quadrophenia Demo

The Who unveil new version of 'Cut My Hair'   10-Oct-11

Pete Townshend Unveils Unheard Quadrophenia Demo
The Who in Chicago, 1975 // CC // Jim Summaria

The Who's 1973 rock opera, Quadrophenia, is among their greatest, and in celebration of the album Pete Townshend has revisted his own private collection of demos and photos from the era.

One of the items to be re-discovered was a demo of the Quadrophenia track 'Cut My Hair'.

Townshend says (via The Sun):

"This was written in June 1973, so represents one of the first wave of songs written for the project that became Quadrophenia.

"It mistily pictures a disaffected young man sufficient to give Jimmy – yet to be created, carrying only a name at that time – the beginning of a voice and a possible life in abstract.

"Technically, this is a simple song, but I'm proud of the simple piano part."

You can listen to the song through the link below:

To pre-order the super-deluxe Quadrophenia box-set, click here.

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