Help Us Make A Cheap Guitar Sound Like The Real Deal

We need your help in our new show   09-Oct-11

Hello Amped and Sonic State readers! As you may or may not know, we have recently set the wheels into motion for our new guitar show, which is called "Watts Up".

After our first episode, people said they wanted more advice on guitar mods, and tips on budget gear in general. So we came up with a sneaky idea.

With your help we'd like to build a Frankenstein Super-Man of a guitar (no copyright infringement intended to misunderstood monsters or superhuman journalists), and we want to do it on a budget. We started with a £20 Squier Tele, and all parts, pickups, paint, and hardware we add to it will be bought second hand and sourced for as little money as possible.

We want to prove that you can have a guitar that looks and sounds great, without the big price tag. However, we do want your suggestions and thoughts on the guitar. What pickups would you like to see? Would you paint it or just varnish the natural wood? We'd even like to know what strings you'd put on it?

Please check out the video above for more information, and leave any comments either at the bottom of this page or on the comments section for the video (preferably the latter).

Also, please subscribe to our channel "WattsUpGuitar" for the latest updates and to watch our regular show; dedicated purely to guitarists!

Rich Beech



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