Guthrie Govan Talks To Loud Guitars

Twiddler Extraordinaire discusses his top moments   08-Oct-11 caught up with Guthrie Govan for a chat about inspirational moments and his approach to playing guitar.

The guitarist talks about his touring life with just one guitar (a Suhr if you're interested), and how much he enjoyed playing a festival tour with UK hip-hop artist, Dizzie Rascal.

He also says that his approach to playing guitar is "[...] don't worry about speed." This is slightly controversial, considering that Guthrie can play with incredible speed, but his message to other guitarists is to "invent music in your head", and to play it with your fingers.

For more information on the extremely talented Mr. G, and his new band, The Aristocrats, head over to their website at this location.

You can watch the full interview above.

Rich Beech



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