The Beatles' First Hamburg Recordings To Be Released

Recordings with Pete Best and Tony Sheridan   30-Sep-11

The Beatles "First Recordings", from 1961, are to see the light of day. The recordings feature Pete Best on drums, and singer Tony Sheridan.

The deluxe double-disc set is to be titled "The Beatles With Tony Sheridan: First Recordings", and was recorded in Hamburg, with singer Tony Sheridan.

Tracks include 'Ain't She Sweet', a song which sees John Lennon take the lead vocal, and an instrumental by George Harrison entitled 'Cry For A Shadow'. Many of the album's tracks see the early far-four line-up play as a backing band to Tony Sheridan. The band recorded the songs for Polydor executive Bert Kaempfert, after he discovered the band on the Hamburg scene in 1961.

The album will also come with a collection of rare goodies, including photographs by Stuart Sutcliffe's fiancee Astrid Kirchher, who was present for many of The Beatles gigs in the racey Reeperbahn district.

For more information, head to The Beatles' website.

Rich Beech



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