Stream The New Russian Circles Track

Post rockers get anthemic with Mladek   29-Sep-11

Stream The New Russian Circles Track
Mike Sullivan (left), Dave Turncrantz (middle), Brian Cook (Right)

Russian Circles have for a while been a strong-standing band on the post-rock scene, with a musical repetoire extending from the anthemic and uplifting, to the dark and disconcerting. With their new track, Mladek, which you can stream here, the band have combined all of those elements into one song.

The new track is from the forthcoming album, Empros, which will be released on October 25th.

The band have gone a long way in showing that the scene is still strong, and their increase in popularity has shown that it's growing in following and in strength, and why wouldn't it? Post-rock is essentially music for musicians, a quick look at guitarist Mike Sullivan's pedal board shows an alarming array of noise-bending effects, which are importantly used to create incredible music, and not as an afterthought.

You can hear this for youself on the new track!

Find out more about Russian Circles at their website.

(Image courtesy of Creative Commons, Author - Corvette).

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