Nick Mason Wants Pink Floyd Reunion

Drummer refuses to retire   29-Sep-11

Nick Mason Wants Pink Floyd Reunion

Nick Mason has expressed his disappointment with his former bandmates in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the drummer revealed he is in favour of a reunion.


Mason would not suggest recording another album to his band mates, but would like to play live with the surviving members of the band once more:

“I think it’s one of those things where I’m not quite ready to say it doesn’t exist anymore. And, you know, it might be I’m a sad person and just can’t let go of something, but it’s just that feeling that, you know, who knows? I suppose I live in hope that their might be another Live Aid or something like that. I don’t seriously expect anyone to suddenly announce that we should get back into studios and knock out an album." The drummer told Rolling Stone.

Mason went on to reveal that he still holds hope for a future reunion:

"It’s partly to do with me hating the idea of conceding any sort of retirement. I’ve always held the door open. I absolutely know that David [Gilmour] wouldn’t want to do anything at present but, you know, people change. In a year’s time, a few years’ time, whatever.”

For more information on the new remasters collection, head to the Pink Floyd website.

(Image Courtesy of Creative Commons, Authors - Eddie Berman, One Schism, Jethro, Anark Angel).

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