Joe Satriani Discusses Chickenfoot Guitar Rig In Interview

Guitarist talks recording, writing, and playing   29-Sep-11

Joe Satriani Discusses Chickenfoot Guitar Rig In Interview

The guitar community has almost unanimously accepted Chickenfoot's new album as one of this year's greatest guitar albums, and the accolade even comes with Joe Satriani taking more of a back-seat role in the band. It's more rhythm and less lead for Satch, but even so, there are moments of pure genius on Chickenfoot III.

Satriani spoke to iHeartGuitar/'s Peter Hodgson, about the process of recording the album, and about the guitars and gear he used to create his distinctive sound on the album.

The guitarist discussed how he achieved his polyphonic organ-style tone in 'Lighten Up':

"I ordered an ElectroHarmonix POG online and it arrived in FedEx and I opened that box up, plugged my guitar into it and within a minute I had written “Super Colossal.” It was just so inspiring." He told iHeartGuitar.

He went on to add: It’s like a sort of a door into a new way of playing. And that pedal I have used quite extensively with Chickenfoot and with my solo stuff. And that’s what you’re hearing. You’re hearing me playing these chords through the POG pedal." 

Satriani also revealed that he used some vintage guitars whilst tracking the album, including a Fender Esquire 1958, and a Gibson ES-335 1959.

For the full interview, and for more revelations on Satriani's guitar rig, you'll have to check out iHeartGuitar.

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