Sonic Youth Album Coming Soon

Hits Are For Squares picked by musicians   28-Sep-11

Sonic Youth Album Coming Soon
Image Courtesy of Anders Jensen-Urstad

Sonic Youth's star-picked hits collection has only previously been available through limited outlets, but now it will see a global release via Universal Music, on October 31st 2011.

Songs on the album have been chosen by a list of musicians, who were in turn chosen by Sonic Youth. The list includes, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, and Eddie Vedder.

Here is the official tracklisting of the album:

Hits Are For Squares

1. Bull in the Heather (selected by Catherine Keener)

2. 100% (selected by Mike D)

3. Sugar Kane (selected by Beck)

4. Kool Thing (selected by Radiohead)

5. Disappearer (selected by Portia de Rossi)

6. Superstar (selected by Diablo Cody)

7. Stones (selected by Allison Anders)

8. Tuff Gnarl (selected by Dave Eggers and Mike Watt)

9. Teenage Riot (selected by Eddie Vedder)

10. Shadow of a Doubt (selected by Michelle Williams)

11. Rain on Tin (selected by Flea)

12. Tom Violence (selected by Gus Van Sant)

13. Mary-Christ (selected by David Cross)

14. World Looks Red (selected by Chloe Sevigny)

15. Expressway to yr Skull (selected by The Flaming Lips)

16. Slow Revolution (new track)




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