Mark Hoppus Didn't Want Lame Material On New Blink Album

You can stream the new album for free   27-Sep-11

Mark Hoppus Didn't Want Lame Material On New Blink Album

Mark Hoppus has made his band's album available for free streaming online, and has spoken of his desire to make sure that there were no 'lame songs' on the album.

In an interview with NME, the singer/bassist said: "Even the bonus tracks on this album to me feel like they're part of the record. The deluxe edition is the record as it should be heard. I don't feel like we had ten songs that were good and three songs that we threw on as some kind of lame B-side bonus thing. That's why we re-sequenced the record using those additional songs, because to us they're very much part of the record."

According to the singer, there were five tracks that didn't make the cut on the album, and were subsequently scrapped.

"We probably had 20 songs total, there are about 5 songs that we started working on that didn't make the cut for one reason or another." Hoppus added.

Listen to the album at this location, for information on the band's news and tour dates, head to the Blink 182 website.

(Image courtesy of Creative Commons, Author - Wooblz)

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