Soldano Tone In A Stompbox?

Wampler Pedals releases the SLOstortion   26-Sep-11

Wampler has released an amp-in-a-box pedal, the SLOstortion, which is Brian Wampler's attempt at capturing an authentic SLO-100 inspired tone in a pedal. Here's what Wampler has to say about it...
"The SLOstortion brings the awesome tone of those killer high-wattage heads and famous preamps together into one package, with a voicing that will be maintained across virtually any setup. No need to worry whether you'll have a good clean tone and a good distorted tone. Just your favorite amp and the SLOstortion to take your tone places walked by some of the best guitar-slingers from the 1980s to today.
It features a great three-band EQ to make sure you can have 'The Tone' through YOUR setup, whatever it may be. The gain is switchable between two separate modes to capture the nuances and flavor of its inspiration. The normal mode will go from a nearly clean tone to a tight, defined crunch, and the high gain mode goes all out. It's responsive, too, and to top it off, even when the tone is as heavy as it gets, the pedal doesn't squeal and hiss with noise. No sacrifices for your rig.
To top it off, the pedal features a specially tuned clean boost. It's an op-amp boost circuit Brian's worked on for some time, and even at unity output, it will add a little something extra to the sound. Stand out for your solo, or just give it that little extra kick. To complete the package, it functions independently: a true two-in-one pedal, offering great value, our way of showing our appreciation for the faith you place in our products!"
Pricing and Availability:
$239.97 More information:
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