The Pink Floyd Pig Flies Again

Head down to Battersea Power Station tomorrow   25-Sep-11

The Pink Floyd Pig Flies Again

If you've been following Pink Floyd on Facebook, you'll have also been following their worldwide advertising campaign for the release of their remasters.

As part of these campaigns, famous Pink Floyd imagery has cropped up in viral videos and photographs, and in the latest publicity stunt, Pink Floyd have decided to recreate the iconic image of the 'Animals' pig flying over Battersea Power Station.

This will take place tomorrow 26th September, so if you get yourself down to London, you could witness the regeneration of history! The pig is made out of different materials to the original, as the original 1977 neoprene pig has apparently seen better days and is not fit to fly, but the new PVC pig has been made by Air Artists, who manufactured the original.

For more Pink Floyd celebration, check out 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon', which will host a whole week of Floyd festivities.

(Image Courtesy of Creative Commons, Author – Gaetan Lee).

Rich Beech



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