VIDEO: Previously Unreleased Hendrix Cover Song

Jimi plays Like A Rolling Stone   23-Sep-11

If you've been reading Amped for some time now, you'll probably have realised that Friday is pretty much our 'cool video' day. We know that during a long day at work, you need some guitar-based relief. Or perhaps when you come home from a long day at work, you want to sit down, grab a beer from the fridge, and watch the coolest guitar videos on the interwebs.

Well here's the first part of our inspirational Friday feast.

Well the video above is perect for a bit of inspiration, and it'll probably outweigh the intoxicating effects of your beer. It's Jimi Hendrix covering Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone', and it's from the new Winterland box set. The audio is from the gig itself, with lot of footage of Hendrix, and stills from the gig.

Rich Beech



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