Domain War As Tea Party Band Look To Sell Up

Far right versus Canadian rock   20-Sep-11

A Canadian rock band, named The Tea Party, could sell their web domain for around $1 million. The band is considering the moral and financial implications of their domain, due to its linking to the right-wing US political pressure group. The banner on their website currently reads "The Tea Party – No Politics... Just Rock And Roll".

The dilemma for the band is whether being linked to a political group is damaging their rock-n-roll reputation, if so, should they sell the domain and provide financial income for their families, or should they fight to keep their own identity?

Tea Party bass player, Stuart Chatwood, wants to sell, and has even contemplated offering the website to a left-wing figurehead so that they could "...dispel some of the stuff that the Tea Party says" (via

The band's website comes up fifth in a list of results when "The Tea Party" is used as a search query. Estimates for such a popular result lie at around $1 million, which could see the band lying financially pretty. Even if the band feel that their name is confusing fans and damaging their reputation, you certainly can't put a price-tag on the promotion this has given the band in the press.


Rich Beech



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