VIDEO: Metallica And Lou Reed Clip Now Online

30 second clip of The View   19-Sep-11

VIDEO: Metallica And Lou Reed Clip Now Online

Metallica and Lou Reed have released a 30-second clip of their first single, The View. The clip has been posted on YouTube and can be heard above, it is from their forthcoming release 'Lulu'.

As we have previously reported, the album is based upon two plays by the German expressionist playwright, Frank Wedekind. It is due for release on October 31st (November 1st in North America).

The clip essentially sounds like Metallica performing their usual style with Lou Reed singing over the top, which is what everybody expected really, but the reaction seems to have been particularly bad on YouTube, with the percentage of 'dislikes' outweighing the 'likes'.

A read of the comments section, as always, provides some good entertainment.

One thing is for sure, it has definitely got people talking!


Rich Beech



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