VIDEO: Slash Doesn't Get Mashed

Watch an awkward moment in history   18-Sep-11

This video is a little embarassing, but rumours of Slash getting mash potato thrown at his head have been circulating since his appearance on Soccer A.M.

The above video shows that Slash escaped mash-free, and that it was just a guy who is paid to be an absolute tool who smeared mash on his own face.

As a message from a Briton to the rest-of-the-world, this isn't what 'we' regard as humour, so don't hold it against us!

In other Slash-related news, the man in the top-hat will release his live-DVD 'Made In Stoke' in November, here is the tracklisting:


“Been There Lately”



“Mean Bone”

“Back From Cali”

“Rocket Queen”

“Civil War”

“Nothing To Say”



“Doctor Alibi”

“Speed Parade”

“Watch This”

“Beggars & Hangers-On”


“Godfather Theme”

“Sweet Child O’ Mine”


“By The Sword”

“Mr. Brownstone”

“Paradise City”



Rich Beech



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