Mick Jagger Quells Rolling Stones Reunion Rumours

We can't always get what we want   17-Sep-11

Mick Jagger Quells Rolling Stones Reunion Rumours

Mick Jagger has all but extinguished the flames of a Rolling Stones reunion gig, proving that you can't always get what you want...

Jagger told British newspaper, The Sun, "Don't Hold Your Breath", when asked about the possibility of a reunion gig. He also called reports of a Rolling Stones Olympic 2012 gig into doubt, saying that it wasn't the kind of thing the band would do:

“When a band starts as a blues band, it always remains sort of true to that.”

2012 will see the band's 50th anniversary together, and the members of The Rolling Stones had been seen leaving a meeting together. This sparked rumours that the band were planning something for their anniversary, which had already been fuelled by statements from Keith Richards and Ron Wood.

It seems that Mick wants to concentrate on his endeavours with 'supergroup' SuperHeavy, which features Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Joss Stone, Damien Marley and A.R. Rahman.

Their self-titled album is available now.

(Image Courtesy of Creative Commons, Author – Dina Regine).

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