VIDEO: Big Four Jam Motorhead's Overkill

No Mustaine in big jam   15-Sep-11

The NYC Big Four show looked in jeopardy in the days leading up to the event, Dave Mustaine had problems with his neck and shoulders, and eventually revealed during Megadeth's performance that he was playing despite doctors advising him not to.

The show looks like it was incredible, judging by the video footage of the finale, but you will notice that Mr Mustaine is not present in this jam of Motorhead's Overkill. The Megadeth main-man obviously thought it was a step too far, and we don't blame him, as he will be undergoing surgery on his neck in the near future.

Just as well, as Lars Ulrich has announced that there will be more Big Four dates announced in the USA, so hopefully Mustaine will have the fortune of a speedy and relatively pain-free recovery.

Rich Beech



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