Velvet Underground Meets Supermario For Flaming Lips Epic

Six hours of bleeping music?   15-Sep-11

Velvet Underground Meets Supermario For Flaming Lips Epic

Wayne Coyne has confirmed that the new charity song by Flaming Lips is completed, the six-hour song took far longer than scheduled, and Coyne has discussed the experience with Rolling Stone magazine:

“Now I’ve realized, it’s insane. When we started doing it, it didn’t seem like it was that big of a deal,” he said. “So we were like, ‘Yeah, we’ll do a song that is six hours long – it will be fun.’ But then you get in to it and your like ‘F--k, what the f--k were we thinking?’ We finished it last night, around two o’clock in the morning because we knew we were leaving today and we were gonna be gone for a little bit and we didn’t think we’d be able to get back to it. It’s taken us about three weeks. I think, in our usual overconfidence, I think we thought it would take a couple of days and it's taken a couple of weeks.”

Coyne also revealed that the direction of the song is somewhat… odd:

“The best way that we can describe the sound of it is, it’s like the Velvet Underground meets Super Mario Bros. And if you’ve ever played the Mario Brothers game or it you’ve had it on in the background, you could listen to a Mario Brothers-type video game forever because it’s kind of just ‘do do do do do la ta da ta da.’ It’s not real intense, and it's not going anywhere. Steven [Drozd, multi-instrumentalist] was already composing it to be kind of like a long John Coltrane thing.”



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