Could The Rolling Stones Be Planning Tour?

The four spotted leaving building together   09-Sep-11

Could The Rolling Stones Be Planning Tour?

You'd think that if the Rolling Stones were really planning a tour, they'd make sure they weren't spotted leaving a building together by the notoriously rabid British tabloids.

But maybe that's part of the PR game, you just never know. But they have been spotted leaving a building together, and Ron Wood and Keith Richards have both hinted at reforming the band in the near future.

Now, I am a member of the media, so yes, I am going to enter the world of wild speculation and tell you what I think.

I think they will reform for their big anniversary gig, I think they will do an Even Bigger Bang Tour, and I think it'll be absolutely incredible... or maybe that's all just blind hope.

Either way, we'll have more updates on this as it unfolds, which might take a while, as Mick is currently focussing on his Super Heavy project.

Rich Beech



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