Watch Free Chickenfoot Gig Live Online

Free gig from the comfort of your home   07-Sep-11

Watch Free Chickenfoot Gig Live Online

Chickenfoot will be answering fans' questions, and performing their new album live via webcast on September 27th, which is the same day that Satriani and co will be releasing their album in the US.

The webcast, Chickenfoot Presents III, will begin at 6pm PST, and is free-to-watch according to a report by Blabbermouth.

Sammy Hagar said in a statement:

"These are exciting times... "When a band can have the technology to allow them to perform in a state-of-the-art setting and take that performance out around the world is amazing! I'm up for that!"

Head to Chickenfoot.US to put forward your questions for the band.

Rich Beech



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