Fender Release Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar

Cobain honoured in 20th anniversary of Nevermind   01-Sep-11

Fender Release Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar

Wow, news has broken of a signature Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar. The guitar is being released by Fender to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's seminal Nevermind album. The guitar will have all of the modifications that were included on Kurt's 1965 Fender Jag when he bought it from the previous owner.

These mods include a set of DiMarzio pickups (PAF and Super Distortion humbuckers), two volume controls, and a black chrome bridge.

Fender have aged the guitar, to look similar to Kurt's, and have replicated the shape of the headstock, which was actually more akin to that of a strat's on Kurt's Jaguar. The guitar will be available in both right and left-handed models, and this beautiful guitar will set you back £1307. Currently, we do not know how many are being made, but stay with us and we'll keep you updated on all of the information on ordering and shipping.

Rich Beech



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