Adrenaline Mob Debut At No. 13 On Heatseekers Chart

Lucky thirteens for Portnoy   18-Aug-11

At the risk of getting my head torn off by Dream Theater fans, I think I'd rather listen to the new Adrenaline Mob EP than what I've heard from the new Dream Theater album.

Cue: List of angry comments notifying me that the two bands sound completely different and that I shouldn't compare them.

Stick with me on this one.

Adrenaline Mob have entered the Heatseekers Chart at position 13, which is essentially a chart for those bands who have never been in the Billboard top 200 before.

I'm 100% sure that Dream Theater will outsell Adrenaline Mob by a long shot, and I'm not too interested in Portnoy politics, so why do I care?

After seeing the video, which is embedded above, of AM at the Hiro Ballroom, I thought the band had great energy which is cool, because too many bands are totally lacking in that department. They performed Black Sabbath's The Mob Rules, and nailed it. Singer, Russell Allen (Symphony X), is an incredible metal/rock vocalist, definitely up there with some of the greats and unfortnately over-looked by the more mainstream metal fans.

Generally you can tell the public reaction to a band from their Youtube videos, and comments on the Adrenaline Mob songs seem to be somewhere along the line of "Mike Portnoy made a huge mistake".

I'm not sure he did... at all. I'm sure I'll be corrected by enough people on this one, but Adrenaline Mob sound pretty awesome.

Rich Beech



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