Marshall US Swag Store Is Live

Bag some Marshall goods online   15-Aug-11

Marshall US Swag Store Is Live

Marshall have branched into the online world of mugs, bags, and stools. Basically, they're putting their logo on lots of stuff, and if you love Marshall; you can decorate your home with Marshall goods (would go nicely with the wall you recently built out of JCM cabs).

They've been doing clothing for a while; Jim Marshall himself signed a hoodie for me a while back at a Marshall roadshow event, but the clothes have got a lot more stylish, and you can now get them online.

Here's what Marshall have to say:

“Marshall USA, in collaboration with Sullivan Group, is proud to announce the grand opening of their new on-line SWAG store, which services end users as well as authorized Marshall dealers in the US. With over 30 Marshall Amplification branded items to choose from, there’s something for everyone from baby onesies to bar tables."


Rich Beech



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