Musicians Help Clear Up Riot Damages In London

Kaiser Chiefs pitch in amongst others   12-Aug-11

Musicians Help Clear Up Riot Damages In London

The riots around the UK have seen millions of pounds worth of damages, the deaths of five citizens, and many small businesses destroyed.

Communities have come together to clean up the damages, including a number of prominent musicians in the UK.

Kaiser Chief's singer, Ricky Wilson, tweeted:

“Camden Chalk Farm. Me and Simon will there in a bit with our brooms. Get to one near you today if you’re about.”

Kate Nash also pitched in:

“At the Bethnal Green clean up, nice to see so many people ready to help in the community!"

In Manchester, Liam Gallagher had his store broken into. A man named Owen Flanagan has pleaded guilty to looting the shop, and has been given 8-months in jail.

Other musicians have made their feelings clear on the riots; Tom Morello caused some controversy with his opinion, implying that the riots were the result of a working class uprising against the bourgeois elite and corrupt politicians. Singer, MIA, caused fury amonst her followers when tweeting:

"I'm going down to the riots to hand out tea and mars bars".

In possibily the most famous quote during the riots, Scroobius Pip stated:

"This is Britain punching itself in the face. Repeatedly."


(Image courtesy of Creative Commons, Author - Andreas Nowak)

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