Les Paul Tribute Concert To Take Place At Iridium

Guitar legend to be honoured in New York   10-Aug-11

Les Paul Tribute Concert To Take Place At Iridium

This Friday, August 12th, will see the second anniversary of Les Paul's passing away. The man responsible for not only some of the greatest musicial inventions, but also responsible for some brilliant music.

Les Paul pioneered his sound by playing his songs at half-tempo, and then speeding up his guitar parts to raise the pitch of his melodies.

The Iridium Jazz Club, in New York City, will hold a special tribute to Les Paul on his anniversary. Entry into the gig will be free, and will feature performances from the Les Paul trio, alongside special guests.

Tickets can be claimed on the club's Facebook page.

Two days later, on Sunday August 14th, Iridium will stream an exclusive Les Paul memorial show on their Livestream channel. The show will air at 8pm.

The video below shows Ted Nugent performing Johnny B. Goode with the Les Paul Trio at The Iridium earlier this year.

(Image courtesy of Creative Commons 2.0, Author - Thomas Faivre-Duboz)

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