Ok Go To Team Up With The Muppets

New video will feature The Muppets   09-Aug-11

Ok Go To Team Up With The Muppets

OK Go, the group famous for their quirky videos, have announced they are going to team up with The Muppets for their next video.

The band, who originally hailed from Chicago Illinois, and gained a cult following for their treadmill dance routine in "Here We Go Again", announced their work with puppets recently to Billboard, and seem thrilled to be working with them.

Ok Go recorded the new song for the forthcoming album "Muppets: The Green Album". Damian Kulash told Billboard.com that the new track is a "twisted, kind of dark" take on the "Muppet Show Theme".

Kulash says:

"We played President Obama's birthday party this week, and while I love the president, I gotta say, I'm even more excited about making a video with the Muppets."


(Image Courtesy of Creative Commons, Author - Daniel Nugent, Owner - Albany City)

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