Keith McMillen Softstep Updates

V1.2 and MAX/MSP Dev kit   01-Aug-11

Keith McMillen Softstep Updates

Possibly the most comprehensive foot control system, gets a bunch of  updates. SoftStep Music Software 1.2, MAX/MSP Dev Kit 1.0 and KeyWorx 1.3 editor.

New features as follows:
SoftStep Music Software 1.2
KMI is pleased to announce the release of SoftStep Music Software version 1.2.

Key Features:
  • New Easy Editor application lets the first time user set up a Scene in minutes
  • Simpler User Interface
  • Save from Hosted to Standalone and back
  • Controller scripts for Abelton Live
  • You can now set an initial value in Standalone
  • Y and X inc/dec can be set from any source in Hosted mode
  • MIDI program changes can select Standalone Scenes
  • Table/Function has a per key general counter with an inc/dec/set function. Great for selecting from a few presets
  • New Top and Bottom Key sources
  • More options for the Nav Pad
  • Loads faster and uses less resources.
  • Save the entire Scene without any intermediate saves

SoftStep MAX/MSP Development Kit 1.0
KMI announces the release of our SoftStep MAX/MSP Development Kit 1.0 , a robust set of externals and examples that gives the Max and Max for Live user complete control over SoftStep.

Key Features:
  • All raw data from the SoftStep is "cooked" to give simple control values for pressure, X, Y, Rotation, data latching, various trigers and more
  • Sensor gain, data averaging methods, On - Off settings
  • Users can control all 20 LEDs and send text messages to the alpha-numeric display
  • Extremely efficient and fully documented

SoftStep KeyWorx 1.3
KMI announces the release of SoftStep KeyWorx 1.3, enabling complete foot control of a computer OS and applications inluding full text entry and editing. With a little practice users can enter text at double digit WPM with full character sets, numbers and punctuation.

Key Features:
  • Text Mode can be enabled from any Key.
  • User can pick "keyboards" with letters grouped by frequency of use or Alphabetical.
  • Improved Drag and Drop functionality.
  • Smoother cursor control

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