Guitar Teaching School Tests Google+ Hangout Lessons

Video lessons using Google+   01-Aug-11

Guitar teaching company, Norlu Groti has tested the Google+ Hangout as a method of teaching lessons. The company is based in Lithuania, and has so far only been teaching groups of ten in Lithuanian language, but has promised to expand the service and provide more Hangouts in English language.

The company CEO, Mindaugas Voldemaras, has been using his personal Google+ account to teach. His system allows three camera angles streaming simultaneously:

“One profile streams full picture, the second profile streams a zoomed picture to see guitar teacher’s hands and guitar neck in details, and the third profile streams desktop with the presentation notes on it. That’s it”.

The time difference between the US and Lithuania also allows the company to teach during a normal business day, as most Americans will have finished work and be available to receive tuition.

Rich Beech