Get Your Hands On The All-Tube Randall Diavlo

New amplifier series shipping now   28-Jul-11

Get Your Hands On The All-Tube Randall Diavlo

Randall's new Diavlo series is shipping. The all-tube amplifiers claim to offer a wide range of tones, coming from a four-band EQ and EL34s in the power-section. Here's what Randall have to say for their new amplifiers:

Available in a 50-watt combo (RD50C), 50-watt head (RD50H), and 12” extension cabinet (RD112), the Diavlo Series is sure to satisfy even the most critical player’s tonal needs.From chiming cleans to intense leads, the Diavlo Series amplifiers delivers almost any tone.

For example, in the clean channel players can achieve a crisp sound perfect for rhythm playing. But, put the amp into the overdrive channel and listen to these 50-watt amps scream.

Unlike many amplifiers, the Diavlo Series offers a boost function that works in both the clean and overdrive channels; the boost turns the clean channel into crunch and the overdrive channel into a roaring beast!

Aside from the two channels that offer incredible tonal diversity, the Diavlo Series has more secrets waiting to be discovered. An adjustable spring reverb knob on the back allows players to further enhance their tone.

In addition, the series comes equipped with a 4-band EQ that includes treble, bass, middle, and presence. The power section comes equipped with EL34’s but will accommodate and pair of 6L6s, 6550s, 6CA7s, 5881s, KT88s, and more! The RD112 closed back cab and RD50C combo come equipped with the new RD12508 ‘Diavlo’ Speaker.

Specially voiced for the Diavlo Series, this speaker will break up nicely when pushed, but still hold together at high volumes.

The Randall Diablo series are shipping now priced at £492 RRP inc VAT for the RD50C combo, £420 RRP inc VAT for the RD50H head and £168 RRP inc VAT for the RD112 cab.

For more information please contact Randall's UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000 or visit


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