SNAMM11: Mini Modeling Guitar Amp Gets Facelift

VOX introduce the mini3 Classic   22-Jul-11

SNAMM11: Mini Modeling Guitar Amp Gets Facelift

Vox tell us that the the mini3 is now available in Classic Vox garb: Black vinyl wrap and Brown Diamond fretcloth. Here's what they have to say...
Plug your guitar into the VOX Mini3 and choose from 11 expertly-voiced amp models, from boutique clean to a forceful US High-gain. Now add in some effects. The Mini3 offers your choice of four popular Effects, as well as four classic Delay/Reverbs, plus a built-in tuner! Gain, Tone and Master knobs provide custom control. The Mic input features its own trim knob and delay/Reverb send control. Use the Aux input to practice playing, or jam to your favorite tunes. The headphone out lets you practice quietly. Use battery power (6 x AA) or the included AC adapter for go-anywhere versatility.
  • Great sounding, go-anywhere VOX modeling amp; VOX Classic Black wrap + Brown Diamond Fretcloth
  • 3- Watt modeling amplifier with 5" speaker; Battery (6 x AA) or AC power (adapter included)
  • 11 rock-ready amp models; Compressor, Chorus, Flanger, and Tremolo effects; 4 Delay/Reverb effects
  • Guitar input with Gain, Tone, and Master controls; Mic input with Trim knob and Delay/Reverb send
  • Aux input; Headphone output; includes strap hooks and carry strap
Pricing and Availability:
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