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Book will cover 40 years of Queen   20-Jul-11

Harry Doherty, who has been in the Music Journalism business for over 40 years, has been authorised to write the official history of Queen book, which will be released in October, according to QueenOnline.

Harry was a journalist at Melody Maker when Queen first formed in the early 70s, and subsequently release their first album in 1973.

Brian May and Roger Taylor have both written introductions for the book:

Here’s a secret. As I write this, I actually haven’t read what Harry has written for the book, to string the images together. This is unusual – letting go of control is not one of my usual talents – normally I’m all over something like this, editing it to get rid of the inaccuracies. But in this case, I don’t want to go there. Harry is one of the very few people I trust to speak the truth as he sees it. I probably won’t agree with everything he has said here – but I know that it will all have come from a place of goodwill, and a spirit of sharing his thrills – he never lost his boyish enthusiasm. As I’m sure you will be able to see. In fact, Harry specifically asked me to tell you that his words for this publication are intended as a feast for fans, as pure pleasure. Thanks Harry. I think the rest of the contents of this book are self-explanatory. Enjoy! Brian May

Good luck writing about this strange and unusual collection of musicians called ‘Queen’. I wish you happiness, and luck. Roger Taylor

The book will include some never-before-seen memorabilia such as photographs, handwritten lyrics, and original tour itineraries.

It will be published in hardback by Goodman, on 3rd October 2011, and will cost £30.00

(Image Courtesy of Creative Commons License 2.0, author - David J. Cable/Arcadia Photographic UK)


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