Rolling Stones To Recreate 1969 Hyde Park Gig

Ronnie Wood talks about anniversary gig   14-Jul-11


In an interview with the London Standard, Ronnie Wood has revealed that The Rolling Stones may be planning to recreate their historic 1969 show at Hyde Park. The performance would be part of the band's 50th anniversary celebrations, and Ronnie admitted that he is to meet with Keith Richards to discuss the event.

“We’ll try to recapture the old camaraderie,” he said. “I know Keith is fully supportive, as are the rest of the boys in the Stones. We’ll see what we can do as a unit. Playing Hyde Park would be fabulous.”

Wood is now presenting his own award-winning radio show, and is apparently enjoying life as a gardening enthusiast, perhaps the absolute opposite of rock n' roll, in his house in London

“It has a beautiful landscaped garden which is like a controlled jungle and it just goes with my new house,” he said. “I’m getting stuck in and doing a bit more than just weeding.”

He’s also been sober for over a year. “I’m on my second year,” he said. “I’m seeing things much clearer now and just trying to take it one day at a time. So far, so good. I don’t have any cravings. The war is over. I just surrender every day and take one day at a time. That’s all you can do.”


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