New Basement Session Radiohead Tracks Online

The Daily Mail and Staircase previewed   12-Jul-11

Two new Radiohead tracks appeared on the 'From The Basement' session, entitled The Daily Mail, and Staircase.

The Daily Mail has been played previously by Thom Yorke in a performance for The Green Party, and it seems fair to assume that the subject of the song is none other than Britain's very own sensationalist right-wing newspaper.

Here's a snippet of the lyrics:

"The moon is up on a mountain, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Waiting on the rapture, singing we're to keep your prices down, feed you to the hounds, to the Daily Mail."

Another song which is currently being hosted on YouTube, is Staircase, which features the drumming talents of Clive Deamer (Robert Plant, Portishead, and patron of Studio Paranormal)!

Video footage of Staircase can be viewed above.

Rich Beech



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