McCartney And Ringo Reunion At Olympics?

Opening ceremony could see half-Beatles performance   12-Jul-11

The two remaining members of The Beatles could perform at the London Olympics in 2012.

Macca has hinted that a version of the legendary Liverpudlians could feature in the opening or closing ceremony for the games.

As revealed by The Sun newspaper, Paul McCartney nodded in a US interview when asked if he was to appear at the Olympic Games, he then added:

"I hear there's a rumour that I might be involved,"

Then referring to The Beatles said:

"I hear they're planning this sort of music."

Well The Sun didn't stop there, they got hold of an unnamed insider, who expanded on Paul's plans to play at the opening games. How much authority we can allow an 'unnamed' source is unclear, and given the current reputation of the Murdoch owned tabloids, we possibly shouldn't take too much away from the mystery source's following statement:


"Macca was just being coy about the details. He has been speaking to organisers and has said he'd love to be involved with the games in some way.

"The organisers want The Beatles legend to appear alongside other big British acts, and they want Ringo on stage as well to make it extra special.

"There's also the possibility that GEORGE HARRISON and JOHN LENNON could be represented by their kids."


Rich Beech



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