VIDEO Steve Vai Attempts To Define Shred

Vai's account of what makes a shredder   04-Jul-11

This clip is part of the Jason Becker Movie, a soon-to-be-released documentary about the legendary Jason Becker, who on the brink of shred stardom was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease (ALS), which increasingly restricted his ability to play guitar.

A movie has been made in his honour (as well as having his very own festival), and some of the world's greatest guitarists have been interviewed for the documentary. Steve Vai is one of these guitarists, and here is his definition of 'shred'.

The movie needs to raise $50,000 before it can be released, and the donations currently stand up at $49,000. So head to the site and you could be one of the last people to help this project happen!

Rich Beech



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