Guitar Noize Release FREE eBook

Handy chord handbook   13-Jun-11

Jon at Guitar Noize has just announced the release of a very useful eBook, entitled 101 Basic Guitar Chords.

Here's some more information: has teamed up with to offer you this excellent FREE ebook “101 Basic Guitar Chords” which will give anyone learning the guitar an excellent resource covering how to read guitar chord charts and then every chord you will need to set off on your path to rock/blues/folk stardom! Carlos from has clearly labelled each chord starting with everyone’s favourite E Major and has included multiple ways that you can play these chords up and down the fretboard, now there is no in-depth heavy theory to bog you down this is just a chart that you can download for your computer, iPad, iPhone or print out and stick on your wall so you will never get stuck again wondering where C#m is on the fretboard.

Download 101 Basic Guitar Chords now absolutely free of charge.


Rich Beech



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