OMG We're Running Out Of Wood For Guitars

This documentary may tell you why   06-Jun-11

Musicwood Documentary - 2 min trailer from Helpman Productions on Vimeo.


Not to scare you, but there is a group of film-makers in the US who have been making a documentary on the dwindling quality wood supplies for acoustic guitars.

In short, we might be running out of the Alaskan wood used to make top-quality acoustics such as those from Taylor and Martin. The film-makers need your help to save the wood, watch the videos to find out how.

Musicwood - Kickstarter Campaign Video from Helpman Productions on Vimeo.


More Information:

A group of the world's top guitar makers have banded together to try and save the acoustic guitar, and the old-growth trees of Alaska's Tongass National Forest — the largest temperate coastal rain forest in the world, and the US's largest National Forest.

The Musicwood Documentary follows the Coalition as they try to change the way this forest is logged. 

It is an epic journey: from guitar workshops to the splendor of the Alaskan rainforest; from a Native tree-cutting ceremony to forest devastation. As the two sides begin to see from each other’s perspectives, their task gets more complex.

The film is still under production; find out more at


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