Have Kaiser Chiefs Really Dragged The Album Into 21st Century?

Make your own album on website   03-Jun-11


Kaiser Chiefs have released their new album The Future Is Medieval today, June 3rd.

Fans build their own album by choosing 10 songs from a list of 20. The fans can listen to the songs before hand, and then design their own album artwork on the website, if they like their creation, they can then choose to buy it for £7.50.

The albums produced by fans will be kept on the Kaiser Chiefs' website, and then can be downloaded by other fans, the original creator will then receive £1 from each download.

Whilst this method of selling an album isn't completely new, it hasn't yet been done on this scale. The 20 songs mean that fans will have to buy two albums to have all the songs, and from the reaction on Twitter, lots of people have been doing this already. British celebrities such as Chris Moyles have also been getting involved by creating their own albums, which people can buy online.

The 20 tracks listeners can choose from are:

‘Back In December’

‘Can't Mind My Own Business’

‘Child Of The Jago’

‘Coming Up For Air’

‘Cousin In The Bronx’

‘Dead Or In Serious Trouble’

‘Fly On The Wall’

‘Heard It Break’

‘I Dare You’

‘If You Will Have Me’

‘Little Shocks’

‘Long Way From Celebrating’

‘Man On Mars’

‘My Place Is Here’

‘Out Of Focus’

‘Problem Solved’

‘Saying Something’

‘Starts With Nothing’

‘Things Change’

The Future Is Medieval is the fourth studio album from Kaiser Chiefs, and is the follow-up to 2008’s Off With Their Heads. Check out the video to "Little Shocks" above.


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