Analog Alien Fuzz Bubble 45 VIDEO

Boutique vintage fuzz   02-Jun-11

Possibly the greatest name for a pedal ever. This offering from Analog Alien has a cool little feature; the box is split into two sections, the Pete section and the Jimi section... I think we all know what that means.

Here's what the Aliens have to say about their video:

The Analog Alien Fuzz Bubble 45 is a boutique guitar overdrive, distortion fuzz face pedal which is two pedals in one. Recreating vintage guitar sounds from the 60's & 70's is a snap with this pedal. The texture of this pedal is not harsh or brittle but smooth and natural allowing your guitars true tone to shine through. In this demonstration jack uses various guitars from his collection so you can hear for yourself how the Fuzz Bubble 45 enhances the tone of your guitar. The guitars that were used were a Fender Stratocaster highway one, a Gibson 1992 Les Paul standard, a Gretsch Junior jr and a B. B. King Lucille. Even the Jimi Hendrix feedback intro was created by using the Fuzz Bubble 45. The amp that was used was a Vox Ac 30. It was plugged into the normal channel and was set for a clean tone. To find out more check it out on

Rich Beech



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