Weezer Cover Paranoid Android

Clip now online, Amped writer confused   31-May-11

Okay so this isn't exactly front-page news, Weezer do another cover, which they've been doing a lot in their live sets recently. But this is Radiohead, and not just any Radiohead, but Paranoid Android.

I still don't know what to think about it, Weezer don't write grunge songs anymore but they still have that sound about them in a very American way, and I think the producer had a tough job walking the tightrope on this one. It sounds clear, heavy, grungey (in places), and there are some nice touches on the guitars, and Cuomo does a half decent job of wailing the lyrics.

There are quite obviously a lot of people moaning about the guitar solo, because it isn't note-for-note the same as the original... but I think it's pretty cool. The online masses seem divided. I feel divided too.

Rich Beech



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