Preaching To The Muff

'Over The Top' Overdrive Demo WIth Electro Harmonix Pedals   15-May-11

EHX's "Preaching to the Muff" takes a look at one way to get 'a spectacular over the top" overdrive sound using Electro Harmonix pedals:

  • The Muff Overdrive pedal by itself has a slightly dark, medium distorted sound. Perfect for vintage blues.
  • Adding a Soul Preacher pedal in front of the Muff Overdrive 'supercharges' the sound, taking the overdrive to the next level.
  • The output of the Soul Preacher pedal is low impedance. This drives the Muff Overdrive harder, while producing a more transparent top end.
  • A Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai mod delay was used on the entire track

This is episode 8 of EHX's Tone Tips series. The rest of the series is available at the EHX site.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news

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