Jim Dunlop Demonstrate MXR Badass Distortion

It's the MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion Pedal   04-May-11

Well it sounds pretty juicy, and here's what Dunlop have to say on the matter:

The MXR Custom Badass design team is made up of musicians and engineers who have decades of professional experience backing up their mission to create high quality, factory hot-rodded classics fine-tuned to deliver a wider tonal spectrum, more versatility and increased dynamic range. The team also believes that premium tone and quality can be offered at a price anyone can afford because every player deserves great tone without over-inflated prices and exclusionary limited quantities.

With recent accomplishments such as the revamp of the Jimi Hendrix Authentic Analog series, the revolutionary MXR Carbon Copy, the award-winning MXR Bass Innovations line, and over 100 years combined experience under their belts, these guys are well-equipped to take on the Custom Badass project, beginning with the Custom Badass ’78 Distortion.

For a full interview with the badass team, head to the Dunlop website.


Rich Beech



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