Posthumous John Martyn Album

Final John Martyn recordings to be released   28-Apr-11


Legendary folk musician, John Martyn, who died in 2009, will have his final recordings released over two years after his death.

Martyn's producer Jim Tullio is working with co-producer Gary Pollitt to turn the final recordings into an album. Phil Collins is also appearing on the album, as Martyn covered his song Can't Turn Back The Years.

"John wanted to do one of Phil's songs to repay him," producer Jim Tullio told The Guardian.

"After John passed, I spoke with Phil and he really wanted to sing on the track, [Phil] said he had always wanted John to record one of his songs. You can hear the emotion in their voices," he added.

The rest of the new album, Heaven And Earth, was completed using backing singers and extra instrumentation was added by Tullio and Pollitt.

"We didn't do any editing," Tullio explained. "A lot of the tracks are long – even rambling – but we left them that way, as John last heard them. We knew this was it, so we made a conscious decision to keep everything, every morsel."

Heaven and Earth will be released by Hole in the Rain Records on 3 May.


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