MESSE11: New Acoustic Guitars from Yamaha

With slim necks & new pre-amp   12-Apr-11

No flash plug

    MP4 3:33 mins

My first ever guitar was a Yamaha classical model, way back when I was still in shorts and the earth was flat, so it was kinda like revisiting those warm fuzzy childhood memories stepping into the quiet sanity of the guitar room in the Yamaha Hall (yes, they have their own entire hall at MusikMesse ;-)

And after a brief altercation with a suicidal pot plant (sorry about the planticide, Yama-dudes!) I was given a brief tour of the new guitar models from the engagingly enthusiastic Julian Ward.

First up is the new A-Series Electro-Acoustics - part 2 is the new Pacifica Electric range.

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Andy McCreeth

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