MESSE11: Egnater Amps Full Features

Demonstration of the Tweaker and the Armageddon   12-Apr-11

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If you've not heard of Egnater before then you really should check this out, they make an incedible range of amplifiers, suitable for anything from jazz to metal. I only heard the Rebel 20 in the flesh for the first time at this year's Messe and it blew my mind, the best crunch tone I've heard hands down... ever.

Gustavo Afont was kind enough to show us two of their brand new amplifiers, the Tweaker 40, and the Armageddon, both of which showcased Egnater's designs at their innovative best.

Head over to Egnater's website to get some full audio demonstrations of any amp that might take your fancy.

Rich Beech



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