MESSE11: Amplitube Custom Shop

Build your own rig online and play it anywhere   11-Apr-11

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    MP4 8:25 mins

Not quite announced this is the new system based around Amplitube 3.5 - the Custom Shop allows you to mix and match, amps, stomps and any other elements from the entire Amplitube range -  item by item.

With a simple web interface, you buy credits which are added to your account at IK, then you can spend them on any of the amp or stomp models you want. The free player software just unlocks the gear and your ready to go.

There's a two day test period for any of the gear, during which it is fully functional, after that, you have to wait two months before you can demo that peice of gear again. 

Once your account has been activated and gear credited to it, you can download the free player and access your gear from any computer anywhere, which makes it a more portable system.

This represents a new generation of in-app purchasing that is not tied to the Apple App store and could be a glimpse of the future..



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