MESSE11: Drive your amp hard without being loud

Two Notes Engineering - Power Soak Convolution   10-Apr-11

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    MP4 4:58 mins

Interesting twist on the wave of amp modeling that appears to be all the rage at present. Essentially, this is an advanced power-soak or speaker loading device that also models the mic and cabinet and positioning.

Power soaks are generally used if you want to drive an amp hard but dont want to have the speakers up loud, what it does is add a dummy load to the amp output which enables it to simulate the speaker, but throttles the output so you can have the actual volume down low.

The Two Notes Engineering Torpedo 101 - gives you this function but without the need for any speakers. It applies a complex convolution model of various cabinets and microphones with many variable parameters and then gives a mono, line level output for recording.

So you get to use your own amp, drive it hard but with no noise - great for quiet gigs or performances when you want the sound of your amp, but not the volume. Admittedly, its a pretty specialized market, but from what we are told, its proving to be quite a hit with those that need this sort of thing. 

We got a demo.



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